23 September 2008

Tournament for soccer

BIS is heavy with activities this September and October. Soccer is kicking into high gear for the upcoming tournament, Central Asian Soccer Classic, in Almaty, and the BIS kids are practicing their feet off with Hope Academy. With their help, they could go all the way to the top. They had so many kids wanting to play, that the age groups were split up. They are two senior boy groups, one junior boys team, one senior girls group, and one Junior girls. They have been training at Hope Academy and local soccer fields. Five of our BIS girls are participating in the tournament and four boys with one in the senior team. There is going to be 70 people going. The trip will cost $60 per person and that is for transportation, housing, some meals, uniforms, coaching, and for fun activities. The athletes are going to be riding in a 50-person bus and a 15-person marshutka. The color of their uniforms will be blue and gray for the boys, red and white for the girls. Pray for them and let us hope the we will win this tournament in all ages. GO FALCONS (Hope mascot) and SNOW LEOPARDS (BIS mascot)!