09 October 2008


3) 2nd Advisory Board Meeting(6:30pm)

14) 2nd Quintile Ends

21) Staff Development day-holiday

27) Science Fair/PTO Meeting

23 September 2008

Tournament for soccer

BIS is heavy with activities this September and October. Soccer is kicking into high gear for the upcoming tournament, Central Asian Soccer Classic, in Almaty, and the BIS kids are practicing their feet off with Hope Academy. With their help, they could go all the way to the top. They had so many kids wanting to play, that the age groups were split up. They are two senior boy groups, one junior boys team, one senior girls group, and one Junior girls. They have been training at Hope Academy and local soccer fields. Five of our BIS girls are participating in the tournament and four boys with one in the senior team. There is going to be 70 people going. The trip will cost $60 per person and that is for transportation, housing, some meals, uniforms, coaching, and for fun activities. The athletes are going to be riding in a 50-person bus and a 15-person marshutka. The color of their uniforms will be blue and gray for the boys, red and white for the girls. Pray for them and let us hope the we will win this tournament in all ages. GO FALCONS (Hope mascot) and SNOW LEOPARDS (BIS mascot)!

21 September 2008

11 year old class

There are 6 students in Ms.Sarah's class. They have two new students, Nick Ronish and Zoe Schodder. Nick Ronish had his birthday on September 1.

They did a project, which they called: "Compare the M&M and Earth layers" and drew the inside of an M&M and the inside of the Earth.They also went on the field trip to Ala-Archa. They have been planning to go to Ashu, a place with cabins where people go to snowboard and ski,to sleep over there.

18 September 2008

Upcoming events


1 Ramadan ( no school)

9-11 Soccer tournament/BIS and Hope school combined teams are going to Almaty for four days.

15 Fall Festival/ Parents are welcome to volunteer for help.
1st Quintile Ends

16 Early release 12:30 Noon
Status Reports issued
Parent/teacher conferences 1:00-6:00pm

17 No school
Parent/teacher conferences 9:00am-1:00pm

27-31 Fall break

- A small reminder and sign up sheet regarding the parent teacher conferences will be sent home in October.

16 September 2008

Last Year's Clubs

Last year for clubs the teachers had some great ideas here are some of them.
-ice skating
-treasure hunt
-tennis club
-cooking club
and a lot of others.
There have also been a few clubs not sponsered by the teachers like
-rythmic gymnastics
-and this year soccer.

14 September 2008

Yearbook Staff Profile

In Kyrgyzstan there a lot of girls, one of them is Aikerim. She is 13 years old. She is just a wonderful girl that is shy,funny,and clever. Her favorite subject is Math. Her worst subjects are Language Arts because of spelling and Science because of new the words. She likes to read, swim, write stories, and play logical games.

Yearbook Staff Profile

Mr. Conover's 12-13 yr. olds
September 9, 2008

Nancy is a thirteen year old girl and lives in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. In her spare time she enjoys dancing (ballet). She is now attending Bishkek International School. Nancy was born in Tempe, Arizona. She has attended more than ten schools in her whole life. She has made a lot of different friends since they started moving, to different countries. One thing Nancy brings with her everywhere is her doll Molly. She got this doll when she was only two. Nancy used to have two Chihuahuas. Their names were Meiba and Clementina. Unfortunately before coming to Bishkek she had to give them away.

Yearbook Staff Profile

His name is Gabriel. He goes to school in BIS. He is 13 years old. His hobbies are football, basketball, baseball, softball, snowboarding, skiing, volleyball, American football, swimming and more. He is from Bosnia and America. He was born in Hungary. He has lived in eight different countries: they are Hungary, Bosnia, Belgium, America, Armenia, Cambodia, Jordan and now Kyrgyzstan. His favorite country that he lived in was Armenia.He used to speak five languages they were English, Bosnian, Hungarian, Armenian and French.One day he hopes to be a football player for a team called Arsenal. Gabriel covers the eight years olds.

Yearbook Staff Profile

Melissa is a 13 year old girl that goes to the Bishkek International School. She is from Germany and went to a Gymnasium there. She already lived in Moscow until she was about one and a half year old, then her family moved to Almaty and stayed there until she was five. She likes reading books-mostly fantasy- and the internet. She lived with her mother, after her parents were divorced. Her father moved to Bishkek in 2007 because of his work with the German embassy, and Melissa came one year later. She will live in Bishkek until 2010 or 2011.

Yearbook Profile

Laura is a 12 year old girl who attends Bishkek International School. Her hobbies include motor sport, music, playing the computer. She travels a lot with her family so she keeps a coin collection of all the countries she has been too. She was born in Kalgoorlie but was living in Kalmada at the time. When see was one, her parents took a job in Perth so they then moved there for two years, before moving to Argentina in South America. When Laura was five they moved back to Singleton in Australia. They then moved back to Kalgoorlie, and since then have moved to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Laura is covering Miss Erin's 7 year olds.

09 September 2008

Yearbook Staff Profile

Clark was born in a military family, so he moves a lot. Carlie, the oldest of her two other siblings and right now she is going to graduate school. Kyra, the youngest of the two goes to school here at BIS. Clark is 13 years of age and goes to BIS (Bishkek International School). He is the middle child but has respect from his two other sisters. Clark is 6 foot tall (182.88 centimeters), he likes to play outside activities such as basketball and other sports. During school time, his favorite subjects are science and reading, mostly reading though.

Clark is covering P.E. and Athletics.

Yearbook Staff Profile

Ruslan studies at BIS. He is a 13 year old boy. He raps, plays basketball, golf and snowboards. He used to study in SRIS ( Silk Road International School). His height is 168 centimeters. On weekends he just hangs out with his friends. He plays for a team called Bishkek Knights(basketball). He was born in Bishkek. He knows 4 languages: Kyrgyz, Russian, English, and a little bit of Turkish. His dad is from Canada. He has been to a lot of camps in United States and Canada. He really likes studying in BIS. Ruslan covers Mrs. Conover’s five year olds.

Year Book Staff Profile

Melissa is a 13 year old girl, that goes to Bishkek International School.She is from Germany, where she went to a Gymnasium (a german school)

Staff Profile

Denise is a 12 year old girl that goes to Bishkek International School. She was born in Moscow, Russia but is from Kyrgyzstan. When Denise was only two months she went to America with her family and lived in New York City for 3 years. In the summer they went to Disneyworld in Florida and even though she doesn’t remember anything about this trip she says she liked it! Her favorite subjects are math, physical education, and music. She enjoys time with her friends, loves sweets and souvenirs, and has collected a quarter for each state of America.

Yearbook Staff Profile

Kyra is a 12 year old girl who attends Bishkek International School. In her free time she likes to read a lot. Her hobbies are swimming, singing, writing, football, basketball, and a lot of other things. She also likes to watch anime, her favortie anime cartoons are Full Metal Alchemist, Avatar, and Pita Ten. Her favorite colors are pink, blue,green, and yellow. She has a sister named Carlie who is attending Grad school and a brother who goes to school with her. Before she moved to Kyrgyzstan she lived in Virgina but was born in Alabama. Kyra is covering Clubs for BIS newsletter.

Yearbook Staff Profile

Jaana is a thirteen year old girl. She is in the eighth grade. She is average height.She is from Finland. She enjoys school. Her interests are sports, guitar, reading interesting books, mountain biking, and more. She has two bigger sisters and a mom and dad. She loves animals and has four pets, two dogs and two cats. One dog and cat are in Finland. She dislikes art but likes science and P.E. Jaana likes to watch T.V. She hates pink, she likes dark colors. She is very independent but can work in groups too. She likes the cold.

Jaana reports on upcoming events.

08 September 2008

Newsletter and Blog

New this year and as part of the yearbook and technology classes, secondary students will be responsible for creating the bi-weekly BIS Newsletter as well as maintaining a weekly blog. The blog can be viewed at http://bishkekinternationalschool.blogspot.com/ and will contain feature stories, photographs, news and updates.

Director's Update

Dear BIS Families:

I am very happy to be the new director of Bishkek International School. It is an honor and privilege to be at the service of an excellent staff and the wonderful parents and students that make up the community of BIS. With the arrival of new age five, seven, secondary, art, and music teachers, as well as new paraprofessionals, I think you will feel and experience a sense of newness and excitement as you walk through the halls of our school. I hope that you will feel welcome as you become involved with your child’s experiences at Bishkek International School.

Throughout the school year, your child’s teacher and I will be making a special effort to keep in contact with you. We will notify you of your child’s development and school activities. Look for school newsletters, invitations, updates, tips, and reminders. Also, please remember to check your child’s homework planner.

Your communication with us is very important, too. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, or me, whenever you have a question or concern. The school’s phone number is 56-31-39. If you need to speak to a teacher and s/he is in class, the office will take your name and number, and the teacher will be sure to contact you before the day is over.
I hope you will take part in your child’s education by inquiring about their time spent at school. Ask about their friends and teachers. Get involved as they complete their homework or seek you help on special projects. Encourage your child to read at least 20 minutes every night (and if they are too young to read, please read to them). Ask them about the Success Orientations. I am confident that your child will demonstrate greater motivation as you continue to show interest in their academic and social experiences. We will certainly work on our end to offer your child the best education possible. Let’s work together to make this an outstanding school year in every way!

Thank you for your support.

MaryKay Gudkova

After School Clubs

After School Clubs for elementary and secondary students will begin in October and will be offered from 300pm to 400pm. A variety of clubs, from academic to artistic to athletic, will be led by BIS staff. Club information and signups will be available in the coming weeks.

BIS and Hope Academy Athletics

BIS and Hope Academy will be teaming up again this year to offer a comprehensive athletic program to our secondary students. Mr. Conover, a new teacher at BIS, will be coordinating the program. This year we will be competing in soccer, basketball, and volleyball. If you have any questions, you can reach him at davidconover@bis.web.kg.

Central Asian Soccer Classic
We will be attending the Central Asian Soccer Classic in Almaty, Kazakhstan on October 9th – 11th. The girls and boys teams will participate in two levels: Junior Division (ages 12 to 14) and Senior Division (ages 15 and up).

More details and costs will be available in the next week.

All secondary students (ages 12 and older), regardless of experience or skill level, are encouraged to play.

Soccer Practice
Practice begins this week and will continue for the next four weeks leading up to the tournament. Students must attend three of the four practices in order to be eligible participate in the Central Asian Soccer Classic.

Girl’s Practice Schedule
Mondays and Wednesdays from 345pm to 500pm at Hope Academy.

Boy’s Practice Schedule

Thursdays 245pm to 500pm. The first part of the practice will be at Hope Academy and then the team will move to the Sports Complex north of the Circus off of Usenbaewva str.

Transportation will be provided to practice. Students can be picked up from BIS afterwards at 530pm.

Appropriate athletic gear (shoes and shorts) must be worn.