08 September 2008

Director's Update

Dear BIS Families:

I am very happy to be the new director of Bishkek International School. It is an honor and privilege to be at the service of an excellent staff and the wonderful parents and students that make up the community of BIS. With the arrival of new age five, seven, secondary, art, and music teachers, as well as new paraprofessionals, I think you will feel and experience a sense of newness and excitement as you walk through the halls of our school. I hope that you will feel welcome as you become involved with your child’s experiences at Bishkek International School.

Throughout the school year, your child’s teacher and I will be making a special effort to keep in contact with you. We will notify you of your child’s development and school activities. Look for school newsletters, invitations, updates, tips, and reminders. Also, please remember to check your child’s homework planner.

Your communication with us is very important, too. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, or me, whenever you have a question or concern. The school’s phone number is 56-31-39. If you need to speak to a teacher and s/he is in class, the office will take your name and number, and the teacher will be sure to contact you before the day is over.
I hope you will take part in your child’s education by inquiring about their time spent at school. Ask about their friends and teachers. Get involved as they complete their homework or seek you help on special projects. Encourage your child to read at least 20 minutes every night (and if they are too young to read, please read to them). Ask them about the Success Orientations. I am confident that your child will demonstrate greater motivation as you continue to show interest in their academic and social experiences. We will certainly work on our end to offer your child the best education possible. Let’s work together to make this an outstanding school year in every way!

Thank you for your support.

MaryKay Gudkova