09 October 2008


3) 2nd Advisory Board Meeting(6:30pm)

14) 2nd Quintile Ends

21) Staff Development day-holiday

27) Science Fair/PTO Meeting

23 September 2008

Tournament for soccer

BIS is heavy with activities this September and October. Soccer is kicking into high gear for the upcoming tournament, Central Asian Soccer Classic, in Almaty, and the BIS kids are practicing their feet off with Hope Academy. With their help, they could go all the way to the top. They had so many kids wanting to play, that the age groups were split up. They are two senior boy groups, one junior boys team, one senior girls group, and one Junior girls. They have been training at Hope Academy and local soccer fields. Five of our BIS girls are participating in the tournament and four boys with one in the senior team. There is going to be 70 people going. The trip will cost $60 per person and that is for transportation, housing, some meals, uniforms, coaching, and for fun activities. The athletes are going to be riding in a 50-person bus and a 15-person marshutka. The color of their uniforms will be blue and gray for the boys, red and white for the girls. Pray for them and let us hope the we will win this tournament in all ages. GO FALCONS (Hope mascot) and SNOW LEOPARDS (BIS mascot)!

21 September 2008

11 year old class

There are 6 students in Ms.Sarah's class. They have two new students, Nick Ronish and Zoe Schodder. Nick Ronish had his birthday on September 1.

They did a project, which they called: "Compare the M&M and Earth layers" and drew the inside of an M&M and the inside of the Earth.They also went on the field trip to Ala-Archa. They have been planning to go to Ashu, a place with cabins where people go to snowboard and ski,to sleep over there.

18 September 2008

Upcoming events


1 Ramadan ( no school)

9-11 Soccer tournament/BIS and Hope school combined teams are going to Almaty for four days.

15 Fall Festival/ Parents are welcome to volunteer for help.
1st Quintile Ends

16 Early release 12:30 Noon
Status Reports issued
Parent/teacher conferences 1:00-6:00pm

17 No school
Parent/teacher conferences 9:00am-1:00pm

27-31 Fall break

- A small reminder and sign up sheet regarding the parent teacher conferences will be sent home in October.

16 September 2008

Last Year's Clubs

Last year for clubs the teachers had some great ideas here are some of them.
-ice skating
-treasure hunt
-tennis club
-cooking club
and a lot of others.
There have also been a few clubs not sponsered by the teachers like
-rythmic gymnastics
-and this year soccer.

14 September 2008

Yearbook Staff Profile

In Kyrgyzstan there a lot of girls, one of them is Aikerim. She is 13 years old. She is just a wonderful girl that is shy,funny,and clever. Her favorite subject is Math. Her worst subjects are Language Arts because of spelling and Science because of new the words. She likes to read, swim, write stories, and play logical games.

Yearbook Staff Profile

Mr. Conover's 12-13 yr. olds
September 9, 2008

Nancy is a thirteen year old girl and lives in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. In her spare time she enjoys dancing (ballet). She is now attending Bishkek International School. Nancy was born in Tempe, Arizona. She has attended more than ten schools in her whole life. She has made a lot of different friends since they started moving, to different countries. One thing Nancy brings with her everywhere is her doll Molly. She got this doll when she was only two. Nancy used to have two Chihuahuas. Their names were Meiba and Clementina. Unfortunately before coming to Bishkek she had to give them away.