08 September 2008

BIS and Hope Academy Athletics

BIS and Hope Academy will be teaming up again this year to offer a comprehensive athletic program to our secondary students. Mr. Conover, a new teacher at BIS, will be coordinating the program. This year we will be competing in soccer, basketball, and volleyball. If you have any questions, you can reach him at davidconover@bis.web.kg.

Central Asian Soccer Classic
We will be attending the Central Asian Soccer Classic in Almaty, Kazakhstan on October 9th – 11th. The girls and boys teams will participate in two levels: Junior Division (ages 12 to 14) and Senior Division (ages 15 and up).

More details and costs will be available in the next week.

All secondary students (ages 12 and older), regardless of experience or skill level, are encouraged to play.

Soccer Practice
Practice begins this week and will continue for the next four weeks leading up to the tournament. Students must attend three of the four practices in order to be eligible participate in the Central Asian Soccer Classic.

Girl’s Practice Schedule
Mondays and Wednesdays from 345pm to 500pm at Hope Academy.

Boy’s Practice Schedule

Thursdays 245pm to 500pm. The first part of the practice will be at Hope Academy and then the team will move to the Sports Complex north of the Circus off of Usenbaewva str.

Transportation will be provided to practice. Students can be picked up from BIS afterwards at 530pm.

Appropriate athletic gear (shoes and shorts) must be worn.